How do I record with a countdown on Audacity?

In other words: press record; *click, click, click, click* and play.

I want to record something with three intruments that start at the same time, so it would be useful, I've tried using the click track, but the bugger record the click track as well and that's annoying.

Any help?
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I do layered recording all the time and I just count off out loud or do a sweep on the strings. Why does it have to be a click track?
You could make an extra track where you tap on the microphone or record a beat somehow just to synchronise the tracks, and then mute that track afterwards. It's kind of a stupid solution but it works for me :p
Program 4 high hats (or claps, etc.) on the quarter notes before your suppose to come in....when your done delete the 4 count.

if its at the beginning move everything over one measure and place your programmed "click" track by itself before everything.

EDIT: If its recording the click track its because you are recording your master channel instead of the channel the instrument is coming in on. If this is not the problem then you put the click on your armed track, so you need to place it on a track not armed to record.
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