i play a lot in drop c , and sometimes in drop b .
i use ernie ball top heavy bottom 10-52
but i think i want some thicker strings ..i'm not sure.
it is enought 10-52 for these 2 tunings ? or should i buy some thicker one . if yes which ?
I would suggest at least a 11-54 or 56 for drop b. the 10-52 would barely cut it for drop c, at least for me
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10-52 would at most do drop d for me.

for drop b/c id be using 13-60 minimum.
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i use 11-56 for drop c
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i play in those exact tuning man. i use DR blues strings. (its just a standard pack of .10's but for some reason the box is blue and their intended for blues) great strings, last well for uncoated strings, and DR strings are my favorite so jsut another option thrown at you
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If it's 12-56 you'll be generally fine.
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