I dont know if it is the same for all of these guitars or if mine was made this way (its from 1995) or if it was modded. Anyway, this guitar has the inputs (you will understand why I say inputS and not input soon) off to the side of the strap button, and it has one quarter inch, and one xlr I believe. Im not sure why the xlr is there or what the difference is. Can anyone help me? I have had this guitar for just over 3 years I think, and I always wondered, but never bothered to ask.

I think I tried to use the xlr once, but it would not work unless I had something in the other input. Even if I had a regular guitar cable hooked in to my guitar, but left the other end of the cable unplugged, the xlr would work, and there would be sound coming out of the system. But if I disconnected the quarter inch cable, it would not work...I was soo confused, lol.

Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks!

Edit: Just looked at it again, and it says Low Z Bal. for the xlr, and Hi Z for the regular input. idk if that helps you guys help me.
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must be only on the older models i have a 2006 one and it only has the 1/4inch input
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