Hey guys,

I've been thinking about building myself a pedalboard lately. I find my pedals being constantly plugged and unplugged, moved around or having the AC adapters plugged in to something else (mostly by my brother), and I would like to have them organized in a neat and orderly way. I'm by no means a pedal freak, since I only have two, and it might seem like overkill to build a pedalboard just for them, but I still want to go on with it. I might also get a delay in the foreseeable future, and maybe more stuff after it, so a base to build upon would make organizing easier in the future.

The thing is, I haven't got a lot of money to go and buy a factory made one, and I'd like to try my hand at building my own. So far I've thought about going basic but functional, i.e. making a nice but durable board with plywood, some sort of velcro on top and get velcro on my pedals' bases as well (if this is a stupid idea I'm sorry, it's a solution that seemed plausible). The specifics of size and so on I'll think of later, but it probably won't be a monster.

My main concern is the power supply. From the pedals I have, one of them uses a 9V Adapter, and the other one a 24V. Now, I'm pretty sure I didn't buy the only two pedals in the world with different voltages , so there must be some sort of a standard solution, right? How does one go about this? And is there anything I should know about? I'm pretty much looking for advice here, and will use the post to update as the board is built. And please, correct me if I've said anything dumb, I've only started reading about them and don't have much of a clue. Thanks!

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