Hey guys I'm an acoustic artist, usually solo sometimes maybe another guitarist along with me, and I've performed a bunch of informal gigs up at school (I live on Long Island, NY, but go to school just outside of Boston, MA)

Im trying to get some gigs locally and was wondering for some ways to do that. I've started doing some recording and I have one song down, and have some time lined up to do a bit more. (if you look/listen to the sound cloud link in my sig you can see the first song)

I was wondering whats the best way to get local gigs, should I record more songs and give people a demo? Try to go down with my guitar a try out? Other ideas I havent thought of?

Thanks alot for any help!!
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Find other bands
Ask To open for them
Play show
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Support other local bands
Call coffee shops
Find open mic nights

Your options are pretty vast since it's just your voice and an acoustic guitar
Also brother, how I got started solo was to try out at open mic nights. There will be some horrible ones but not only does it build your confidence in a relatively safe environment where you are surrounded by divergent levels of skill and talent, from awful to excellent, it also allows you to become established with the local solo scene. After a while of refining my performance and writing better I started getting people ask me to play their shows etc. Also most promoters who over see the open mic nights will have other stuff going on, which if you impress you'll be invited to play.

I'd recommend it, have a full band from it now
Busking is a term used in the UK to mean begging or performing in the streets for money.


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Can i do that in like the US? on random street corners?

Yeah, it's basically just street performing. You need a license in some areas though.
Google the bars in your area and call their number. Say who you are, what you play, and how many people you can bring in. It will vary from place to place, some will ask where you've played before, some will ask for a recording. Try places that have less people on average because they will be more desperate to bring in customers. Then move your way up. As you do this you should attempt like other people have stated to open up for other more popular acts and hit up open mic nights.
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