So i'm going in to make a $325 payment for layaway on a $550 dollar store model guitar. I called them a couple days ago and they told me they don't knock any money off the guitar for being played by the public as all the guitars are store models. (This is Long and Mcquade Canada, btw). They said if there is store ware they might knock some cash off of it but otherwise it's firm. What can I do/say to get the guitar for say $500?

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try to find any scratches, dings or signs of use
if you're really desperate, make a scratch yourself, without anyone knowing u didXD
i dont recommand u doing that though, you're basically stealing from the shop if u do that so.... i wouldnt be able to do that without feeling very guilty and admitting it, but maybe you can:P your choice
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or make some

damn, i was just editting that in:P
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Yeah, man, that or $900.

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Dont put it on layaway, you loose all leverage. Save up the cash, walk in with $500 in hand. If they wont negotiate go elsewhere. Or threaten to buy online, I use that one quite a bit.
You will harldy ever get a deal when you layaway in a store. Cash will always get them down. I bought my PRS for $1425 new and they wanted $1929 for it when I walked in. Its amazing that a few crisp $100 bills can change a price so easy.......
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They are lying. I got $20 off just for the fact that it was on display. I'm sure if you find a little dent or any sign of damage/wear they would lower it even more. This was at Long and Mcquade too btw.
long and mcquade will not price adjust unless it is a display model, damaged, on-sale (or soon to be), at a better price somewhere else or discontinued. the issue with trying to get a price down at a major retailer is that the price is fixed across the chain, so that its consistent. the employee's really have very little control over whether they drop the price or not. ask if there is any chance it will go on sale in june (massive sale month for LM) and hope for the best
well when i bought my tele from them i ordered one in from the fender factory because all the floor models were beat up, and i still got like 10% off i think
Do you already have it on layaway, or are you just going to put down your initial payment on it?

If it's not on layaway, tell them you can't pay $500 for it. If they say no, walk out and come back later and do the $550 since they're not going to give you a deal.

If it's on layaway, your only option is to threaten to take it out of layaway. Just tell them you can't do $550. The issue here is that you'll probably have to pay a re-stocking fee or whatever they call it at that store. It's much more difficult to haggle when they already have (some of) your money.

Sometimes you can also get a little extra store credit if you have something you're willing to trade. They might give you a little extra credit on the used piece (a pedal, for example) if they know you're serious about buying something more expensive.
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Do the guilt trip dude, tell him a family member died recently and you're learning to play guitar to make them proud.

I'm joking, but seriously, ask one member of staff if he'll lower the price, if he says no, ask another member of staff, if they say no, throw an amp through the shop window and take your business elsewhere.
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Ask them "why should I buy this guitar here and not over there? Over there they have the same guitar for ten dollars cheaper/not on display/with a free hard case ect." you get it. MAybe a white lie will work out for you. If they don't budge say you're gonna go check out the shop down the street instead. Web if they don't let down in the price you might walk it with a free gig bag at least.

At least that's what I would do. Idk if it will be as effective With layaway in progress.
It's very unlikely that anyone is going to haggle with you after you put the guitar on lay-a-way. You have already shown that you are willing to wait to get the guitar. And it doesn't help that you're asking for a 10% price cut on a guitar that's fair inexpensive to begin with; this makes you look like a stingy asshat. You could try just cancelling the layaway and telling them that your wife won't let you spent more than $500, but don't expect them to chase you into the parking lot.
depending on where/whom you're buying from, you might be able to pull a dimebag, i.e. purposely break a string, go on b*tching about how the bridge is busted, 'it'll cost me $75 to replace that!', and get it down that way
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Say you can find it for 475 online. Say something like, "Ahhh well... I wanted to play it today but I just can't pass up saving 75 bucks by waiting. Another pedal on my board."
if it's a small business please, please don't.

It's a hard business ;_;

Also laway someyimes makes it seem you don't want it all that much. Most people i see come into a shop when they really want something ask if they can do anything that will make the shop owner drop the price.

dont be a sneak, play tricky tactics, etc.
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"I have a guitar on layaway with you but I have to cancel it. I only have $500" ... and be holding the $500 in your hand.

Edit: and these guys telling you to damage the guitar to get a better price are douche bags.
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Don't damage it, just say the same deal is cheaper at a competitor plus they'll trow in a case/bag/strap/lead/strongs...

Mind you, it's been years since I bought brand new and even then I got 10% off in addition to the 20% off tag when it was on sale. It was still $1260(AU).
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Say you saw it cheaper at a competitor's, or that a competitor gave a hardshell case and random accessories with it.
I got my S670 with a free case, picks, strap and straplocks that way. It's the easiest way to haggle.

PS. Layaway loses you a lot of leverage for dropping the price. Just saying.
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