Hey guys. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I couldn't decide where to put it.

I'm wanting to be able to sing and play at the same time. Simple acoustic songs, I even find it difficult to sing with simple chord playing. I guess it's the same reason I find it very difficult to play the drums - I find it difficult to multitask like that.

I have what I would describe as an average musicians voice - unlike most people who are not musicians, I can understand which key the song is in etc and sing at the right pitch accordingly.

What are your suggestions? At the moment I can play some bits and bobs but then I get muddled up, I sing in the wrong key (sometimes I even sing the part I'm playing on guitar) and just general find it very difficult.
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I have the same problem (with drums too!) However I've been able to succeed quite well.

1. You must first be able to play your song perfectly on guitar or at least one section of it.
2. You must know your vocals and sing them well.

Now play the part you want to sing on your guitar, but very slowly, and at the same time sing slowly as well. Eventually your brain will just sort everything out and you'll be able to get quicker.

Another solution is to forget totally about the rhythm pattern in your strumming and just play one chord per bar or per chord change.

Example, if an acoustic version of "Every Rose has its Thorn" by poison goes like this:

Open G, D D D DU U UDU, Cadd9, D D D DU U UDU
We both lie silently still ...... In the dead of the night

Where D is a down stroke and U is an upstroke strumming.

Just play it like this:

Open G, D ---let ring------ Cadd9, D ---let ring----------
We both lie silently still ....... In the dead of the night

So just one strum per chord change.

This really helps. Suddenly your brain will start to sort it out, so start adding more strumming rhythm in to it, even if the strumming is wrong, just push through it. You may even try to just do downstrokes instead of upstrokes as well. Eventually you'll be able to get your proper rhythm pattern matched up with the lyrics.

This is what works for me and works quite well! Hope it works for you.

Also, the songs I find the easiest are Beatles songs, also some easier CCR songs like Bad Moon Rising.

One song that you can practice without much strumming rhythm is "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger. Check this guy's lesson/cover.. it's just "D D D D" strokes on the quarters. Remember, Metallica does and awesome cover of this song too!

Turn the page guitar and singing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOBkqL2e9Ss
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^ wow, that sounds like a lot of thinking! which could work for some, definitely!

but the way I did it was really by thinking less. try thinking of everything you're doing as one thing. I don't know, just having that idea in my head seemed to make it easier for me. all of a sudden I wasn't doing two seperate things at once, but just one thing.