Hi all

I've had this unusual urge to start learning the mandolin. Just to add to my repertoire of stringed instruments I can half-play.

Don't really know where to start though, since I don't know which brands/models are half decent?

Sorry about putting the thread here, surprisingly there's not a mandolin section of this forum!

Thanks in advance.
I've heard Stagg make some pretty decent mandolins for the price, I've seen one for as low as £50. Epiphone also make them for about £100, and Tanglewood for £300. Seeing as you're just starting, I'd get a cheap one just in case you decide you don't like it. You can only buy a mandolin on one condition though...

You have to learn 'Losing my religion' by R.E.M.

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Haha, yep that is definitely a must. I think I'll go with a cheapo £50 one and see how I fare. I'll ask my guitar teacher and let y'all know how it goes (probably not).
I just went to my local music shop and got one for $100. I love playing it and seem to be playing it more often than my guitar right now. (Bought it last August, love it)
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