Mine did this too, If i remember correctly it was because the battery was dead. Plug in a charger or put in a new battery.
and how would he put in a battery should he take the screws out?

EDIT: When the power supply is unplugged and he engages the pedal, it turns on and when he puts the supply back in while it is engaged the pedal goes off.
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Is the adaptor right? A wrong adapter will allow the signal to flow when the pedal's not engaged, but when you do, it won't work. Happened to me today.
I see a couple problems it could be. Number 1 would be battery. If you can run it off of a battery, you at least know that it works. After that, if it doesn't work on the power source, there are a couple things it could be. The power adaptor could be wrong, it could be broken or the connection on the pedal could be broken.
Should be a battery door on the bottom of the pedal.

Sounds like there could possibly have been a short somewhere. It's possible the battery clip in there was touching the circuit board and one of the metal snaps was shorting across something. It's also possible there is a loose wire in there. EH's wire isn't very good and breaks really easy.