So...I had a guitar technique related epiphany today in that I realized that since the beginning, I have been either resting my picking hand on the bridge or kept my pinky resting just below the bridge. I am inclined to think that I developed this "crutch" as a mean to stop my picking hand from "forgetting" where it is relative to the strings that are chilling on my bridge. The problem with using such a crutch is that in the long run it is going to limit the motions/precision/ as well as the speed of which my picking hand is capable (Keep in mind that I desire to be able to pick as well as/better than John Petrucci some day) So here I am back to square one, I have to completely relearn the art of picking. I am posting this not so that I can vent/bitch on the UG forums, but rather so that those who face similar challenges can know that there is at least one other person out their who is in the same boat they are in. Though I do feel a bit discouraged. In the short run, this change I am implementing to my playing does feel like a huge step backwards (going from able to play most Van Halen/Ozzy/Metallica solos to struggling with even hitting the right strings). Currently my now unanchored picking hand is sorta nebulous (unaware of where it is relative to the strings). Though in the long-run, I am certain that this will be a big step forward.

If anyone else out there having to play through similar changes (or who has such a story) I would love to hear about them. As a community of guitarists we gotta keep with it! Lets encourage each other to keep on keeping on w/ our guitar journeys.

-Nicholas Jacquet
i am currently attempting to learn Tim Collis's guitar style. tricky to say the least.

As for the whole crutch thing: while what you said is to an extent true, many competent shredders anchor. it's good to be able not to anchor and play accurately, but completely relearning is something of an extreme.
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Lots of good players anchor their fingers, I guess it would also be important to learn how to unanchored picking
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i have adjusted my picking technique several times in the 3 years ive been playing. at a certain point you become good enough where you notice how a flaw in your technique is holding you back, whether its causes inconsistency or tension. id say adjusting your technique as you progress is vital if you wish to gain skill as timely as you can. <considering how unnatural and unlikely it is that a beginner has good technique.
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