Hey guys,
most of you probably know the song head crusher of of megadeths latest album endgame.
here is the link just in case:

if you move to 2:02 minutes in the video there is this part were dave palm mutes for a couple of seconds, that is the most perfect tone of palm muting i have ever heard!
I love the song but I dont really like its tone only the part which i mentioned,
is there any good way any of you could help me get that chunky, crunchy tone?

Thanks for all the help, i seriously do appreciate it
hey there .

have you tried tunning your guitar a half step down , or a full step ?
And by the way , it also help's if you only do down picks instead of alternate picking , stay heavy \m/
not a fan of that tone at all, super scratchy, no balls or low-end CHUG to it.
HOWEVER, I'd say cut the mids a fair bit, quite a bit of treb. and cut out a good chunk out of the bass to and pile on the gain.
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1. Plenty of gain
2. Very tight bass
3. All downpicked
4. Multitracked guitars
5. ???
6. Profit!
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The mutes sound like a perfect fifth, possibly with the octave in it (Like 0-2-2-x-x-x-x) Just try varying degrees of palm muting and keep the mids up on your amp. As said before, turn your bass DOWN. You don't have to tune low to get a heavy tone like that. This basically sounds like the tone I get with my rig, and I just keep everything around noon with the bass down a notch or two, mids up a couple of notches, and the treble a little higher than my mids. Turn your gain down some as well.
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