Ibanez RG 5ex1 electric six-string guitar.
This is an awesome mid-range guitar, retails for $800.

Full body basswood, 24 jumbo frets, Edge III tremolo bridge.
5-way switching with:
- Ibanez Infinity 4 bridge humbucker
- Infinity 3 neck humbucker with ceramic magnet
- Infinity single3 single-coil with alnico magnet

The guitar is in mint condition, no scratches or dents.
It comes with a road runner case (retails for $60) and a stand.

I'm selling this because I'm focusing solely on acoustic so don't play it anymore!
PM me or comment here for more info or if you're interested.
I've had it for three years now but have barely played it, went straight to acoustic about two years ago. It's been sitting gathering dust for the last few months
I don't have any PMs, apparently didn't go through... Maybe try emailing? address is in my original PM
While you can of course try to sell it for whatever you want, I would like to point out that while it is indeed true that it 'retails' for $800, nobody pays retail. Guitar Center has them online for $399.99 with free shipping and a local store near me has them on the wall for $349.99 +tax.
I looked it up and you're right Arby it seems like going price is $350-400 online. Since I am including a case, strap and stand with the guitar and it's in mint condition with brand new strings on it, I'd be willing to drop the price to $300.
i'm trying to scrape the funds together, but i'm not sure if i'll have it soon enough.