hey, i just found an envelope filter on ebay and decided to give it a shot. Its called the DOD GFX-25 Extreme, and i cant find any info on it at all. i was wondering if anybody out there has any info on it at all. sources would be much appreciated as well. thank you.
i dont remember all of the DOD pedals ive ever played when i was younger. i thought they were all awesome! and inexpensive. as i got older and found better products, i learned that DOD really makes some sub-par effects. i remember distinctly having the SupraDistortion, and man that was crap. thats the one that sticks in my head. as of right now, i am a HUGE gear head and am always looking for new toys. i will not lie... with all that said, you DO have me curious about a DOD envelope filter. as far as legit info, sorry i couldnt be more help