ok so this is pretty urgent. recently, i had EMGs professionally installed in my gibson flying V and a couple days it was lying on my bed, i walked by it and accidnetally whacked it with my leg, and now im having problems, not sure whats fro what though. but the guitar got setup in D standard with 11's if anyone cares....

so first off theres been crazy tuning issues, it barly holds tuning anymore. that happened right after whacking the headstock with my leg.

secondly and more importantly, it sounds like shit. first week, it was sounding better than my godin redline with an emg 81 in the bridge of each one. now it sounds like i have a 200$ strat copy through a spider3 15w. my current setup is peavey 6534+ head, mesa cab, ibanez ts9, boss ns2, boss tu3. and it sounds aweful with the gibson, but sounds amazing with the godin. the godin, just to clarify is like a 300$ guitar.

so i changed the batter in the V and it still sounds aweful. any help?

also side note that may be relevant, when they put the EMGs in, they changed the toggle switch from a 6way rotary to a miniswitch. they said it souldnt be a problem because this one is rated for higer currents but if theres any problems it maybe the switch.
take it in.

I suspect that a connection has come loose somewhere in your pickups. most shops offer a 30 day warranty on their work, so you should be okay there.

as for the tuning issue, check the headstock and neck joint for any signs of damage. extreme tuning issues due to a slight knock seems like a stretch, but its worth checking for any sort of damage.
well theres no visible damage everywhere, and i just played that show today, with a backup just in case and its fine, probably going to take it in this weekend to be sure.

and also about the tuning, i can hear the strings being caught in the nut, so i may have them look at that too