Hey guys, the title says it all. I want to pick out Eric Johnson's 'Cliffs of Dover' by ear, but it's played very fast, especially the intro. Any ideas how I can listen to it at a slow tempo?

Sorry if this was in the wrong thread. I couldn't find a better one.
If you have VLC player, you can open the song in that and slow it down. But I'd recommend a program called 'Transcribe!' (gotta pay for it) because it's much easier to use.
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I use a software called BestPractice. It's free and works excellently.
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Software as mentioned above is probably the smarter route, but I slow it down in my head and focus on a tiny little section and figure that out, repeat as necessary. It's kinda tedious, but it works for me.
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Just do what they did in the good old days:

1.) Put your finger (or if you're Duane Allman, your big toe) on the edge of the record to slow it down.
2.) Figure out lick.
3.) Rinse and repeat.
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From XP onwards, windows media player also slows stuff down. Right click the play button. Or, to get more options, right click an empty space in the now playing window and go to the 'enhancements' menu. You'll find 'play speed settings'. The same menu also used to be in the view menu, but not on the latest versions.
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Bestpractice is excellent, it also has a pitch shift function (so you don't have to retune to figure out songs in Eb! ) and a A-B so you don't have to keep rewinding. It's the ****ing business.