Poll: Would you make it harder or easier to play guitar?
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View poll results: Would you make it harder or easier to play guitar?
Harder -- I don't want just anyone to be able to do what I do
11 17%
Easier -- I just wanna shred!
6 9%
This is stupid
47 73%
Voters: 64.
If you had to choose between making it harder or easier to play a guitar, which would you choose?

If you make it easier then any schmo off the street with a little effort would be able to shred like mad -- and so would you. But all that practice you've put in wouldn't differentiate you from the crowd.

If you make it harder then the years of practice you've put in would allow you to be part of a select group. But you'd have to practice twice as hard just to improve your current skills.

You can't make something harder.

Besides a penis.
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i dont care about anyone else

if it was any easier or harder it wouldn't be the same and wouldnt be guitar
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i like it how it is.
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would it really matter? the standard would change with it aswell, so if it would be harder, the best wouldnt be as good as when it would have been easier.
I don't understand why one would want it to be harder other than some weird ego thing.
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You can't make something harder.

Besides a penis.

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Honestly I am not sure that even if you made it easier you would increase the amount of people that are playing now. It would still take time and many people just don't feel like putting the time into learning anything these days.
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Either way you'd be at the same skill level relative to everyone else.

So it makes no difference.

I see what you're saying, but that's assuming that the same amount of people attempt to play guitar and give the same amount of effort in either situation... whereas if it was harder then not as many people would try and more would quit if they did. If playing guitar was harder, then there would be a bigger difference between the best and worst, or so i think. But i see what you mean.

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Easier. It would be easier for me to make music.
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Why the hell should I care? I don't play guitar to be special and have something to brag about. I play it because I enjoy it. And everyone should learn guitar.
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