Hey y'all.

I have a Boss DS1 for distortion. I would like to know if there is a big difference in sound with a Jekyll and Hyde pedal (it's OD and Distortion, but just the distortion side).

Anyone know ?

Thanks !!!!
ummm... yeah there is a huge difference. a stock DS-1 is only passable while the J & H is pretty decent depending on what you want sound wise. honestly the DS-1 is pretty outdated these days and most distortion pedals will give you a better sound. hear the modded ones are better but never played thru one.

what kind of sound are you trying to achieve?
The distortion side of the Jekyll & Hyde is 'based on' a Marshall Shredmaster. Its better than a DS-1 (unless its an older Japanese one or its been modded) but its still not amazing. Its pretty decent, but it sounds a bit fizzy and its not particularly versatile.
thanks for the answers!

I don't really know what kind of sound I want to achieve but my favorite band uses the J&H and I was wandering if my DS1 was a good compremise.

Apparently not!