One was free, one wasn't, haha. Either way, pretty good NGD, I think anyways
First up: Line 6 M13

Amazing piece of gear. Sounds AMAZING going into my Omega Modded Deville.

Next up: a FREE Peavey Addverb3

Haven't had a chance to play with it, but I'm sure I can find some uses for it.

All in all, not a bad day !
M13 FTW, not sure what use you'd have for the adverb lol. Maybe for some EQ or compressor stuff you want to keep on all the time and free up a couple switches on the M13.
Yeah haha I'd pretty much just use it for an EQ. Already have a BBE Compressor but the M13 is pretty much everything I would EVER need and I use a lot of stuff when playing

ALSO, the addverb was free because the drummer in my band had it for some weird reason and just asked if I wanted/had use for it, and since I like to collect gear just in general, I said sure! I built a little wood rack to mount it in and set atop of my amp. I've been given a lot of free gear in my lifetime as a musician haha
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It's basically a multi-fx unit with reverb, chorus, distortion, compressors, eq etc. and allows you to chain multiple effects together in one preset, and you can have like 100 or so presets saved. It's a bit outdated (2001ish it debuted I THINK) but it should still be fun to play with