Hi, i have a bit of a dilemma. My practice gear has started falling apart. literally. i have £300-400 to spend and i thought i should ask you guys.

First off, my amp. my roland cube 15w has been used a lot and time has taken its toll. as i noticed these problems i thought i need a new amp. i was looking at the blackstar ht 5 halfstack and was wondering if it would be loud enough to hear over a mental drummer and another guitarist and bassist.

Thats when my guitar started falling apart. the guiar is scratched to pieces and the input jack is hanging out of the guitar. the pickups are falling into the guitar, the fretboard, bridge and tuners are all wearing away, etc. then i realised if i bought the blackstar i would have very little money left over, and may have wasted £300 if its not loud enough.

should i buy the expensive amp or get a cheaper one and a replacement guitar, or try to fix both of them?

300 quid is not a lotta money. IMO, you're not going to get much if you buy both a guitar and an amp (even if you buy used).

If the amp is OK, I'd recommend you spend the money on a used lower-mid range guitar that you can upgrade over time.
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