Hey there ladies and gents,

cut a long story short, I was at a car boot sale and bought a very sorry looking SG styled guitar.

The headstock reminds me of a vintage Hagstrom II / III, no serial numbers, names etc on the guitar which makes me believe it is hand made.

Looked funky so thought I would get it working again.

I want to hook the existing two pickups up to a 3-way selector switch with one tone and one volume pot. I'm buying a pre-wired telecaster plate set-up off eBay, but its the wiring on the pickups which confuse me.

They each have three wires, one green one blue and one red I can only assume one wire is a live, one earth and one neutral?

Question is: Where would each wire connect to on the 3-way selector with one tone and one volume control?

Any help is much appreciated. A crude diagram would be even better!

Eventually I'll be totally pimping it, but for now I wana get some wacky tones out of it with these funky pickups.

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