ive been playing for a few months now and i find that no matter what i do y ring finger mutes the string adjecent to the one im fretting. for example, if i play an E chord and have my ring on the 2nd fret of the a string it will mute the d string. even if i switch the middle and ring fingers and have the ring on the d string it will mute the g string.

ive tried looking on vieods online for help but they dont give any feedback. the nearest lessons are over an hours drive away and are super pricey. ($40 an hr).

do i need to move my wrist more? i mean i know its prolly just cuz im new but if i cant get it right to practice then how am i gonna get better?

Hey man, I'm no teacher, but:

Try to move your wrist further round the fretboard. Your fingertips should be almost at a right angle to the strings for the majority of the time - you'll find that if you keep practicing and correcting your hand's posture, your positioning will improve over time. Keep your wrist near the bottom of the neck, your whole hand does not need to hold the neck like a broomstick, just enough to give you control over the fingering.

Try looking at some videos of simple chord positionings and look at how the dude in the video's hand is sat. Everybody has their own style but notice how commonly the hand has a relatively loose grip on the neck.

Is your guitar set up properly? That could be something to do with it as well, if your action is too high, the strings may just be too high to be practical!

Hope this helps and good luck.