The Short Story:

I'm a long-time classical pianist and a self-taught guitarist trying to break through in the music industry. I'd love for you to check out my music by visiting my MySpace, liking me on Facebook, or checking out my Youtube channel. If you're interested in keeping up with news regarding songs and shows, you can also follow me on Twitter.

Be sure to let me know what you think, any and all feedback is appreciated!

The Long Story:

Three time top-ten winner of the School Alliance of Student Songwriters (SASS) National Song Contest, Chantal Rouette began her musical journey at the age of four, when her parents enrolled her in piano lessons with her grandmother. These lessons would be the foundation for the many instruments she would later take on.

At the age of nine, she learned the violin over summer, and continued to learn at school until finishing grade eight. After moving to Brooklin from Scarborough, she traded violin lessons for flute and vocal, excelling in her classes.

At the end of grade nine, Chantal entered in the SASS National Songwriting Contest, themed “Songs that Make a Difference” with her song “Beautiful World”. She won third place and her song is now featured on the SASS CD, “Songs that Make a Difference”. Along with her third place prize, she won a microphone and a guitar, which she taught herself to play over that summer.

Chantal entered the SASS contests three more times during her high school career, earning top-ten places two more times with her songs “Over My Shoulder” and “It Could be You”, and a top-fifteen placing with her song “Hero’s Highway”.

Now eighteen, Chantal, continuing with her piano lessons, is attending Queen’s University for a degree in classical piano. She hopes to continue with her already successful songwriting career, as well as teach music in high school.

Chantal owes much of her musical success to Artemis Chartier and Dale Russell, for starting the SASS program and encouraging her throughout her high school career in everything she has done. To learn more about SASS, click here.
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