Hey all,

I've got a few guitars now (Schecter Jeff Loomis FR Custom, Gibson LP Studio, Epi LP Standard Tribute) and I'm looking for something a bit more Strat. I figured this might be a great time to dive in and "build" a guitar - though I really mean assemble. I'm not too fussy about the "kits" out there, I'd rather just buy a body & neck, unfinished but routed, fretted, etc, then buy pieces bit-by-bit. The goal of this is to learn about finishing, wiring and a few other concepts that really interest me.

Now there are kits and body/neck guitars coming out of the woodwork, but without being physically present, I can't tell if they're high quality or not... Anyone have any recommendations of a company that they've had good experiences with, or some other resource for me to get a body & neck for a Strat? Preferably online - I'm not driving all over the planet for this.

Thanks all. Keep the music alive.
Grizzly has several kits. I have no personal experience with the kits but have bought other wood working and metal working items from them. Most of it seems to be good quality stuff. They may be clearing out their inventory though. They don't seem to be re-stocking certain kits and the prices keep going down.
carvin has some kits for under $500
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warmoth will make you bodies and necks on part or better than almost any company....and you will pay a lot for it (depending on th options you choose)

carvin have very reasonable kit at very high quality (about 400 for a basic with no options for the entire guitar). you can also buy JUST bodies and necks from them. slightly less options than warmoth, but still very nice.

great thing is, these companies will semi customize it for how you want it setup. HSH? floyd? specific wiring? chambered body? no problem.

i see you have some guitars and guessing this point you dont want garbage, and if you are building it you want it your way with your tastes. so if you want to pay for it, these places will give you a better product than say....allparts.
If you give us a budget, that will narrow down the options. I just ordered a kit from BYOGuitars, for about 200 + shipping. Hardware is mostly junk, but you can check out the body and neck here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1451459 if you're looking for an idea of the quality of work they do.

It might not be superior quality to something like warmoth or carvin - but its also half the price, so it depends on what you're looking to spend. BYO's got a bunch of different strat kits though that could be worth taking a look at.
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Hey guys, thanks for all the great resources. You guys rock.

Now a slightly harder question: as I mentioned, I want a Strat build, and I definitely want the angled bridge pickup (reverse angled in fact, to mute the highs and accentuate the lows). What I can't find any information on is WHAT angle specifically is typical? Also, where is the axis of rotation?

Let me explain:

The general consensus seems to be that on a 25.5" scale, the center of the bridge pickup (if perpendicular to the strings and not angled) should be at 1.625". Now to angle this pickup, do I leave the low E side at that measurement, moving the high E side toward the neck; do I leave the high E side alone, moving the low E side toward the bridge; or do I rotate from the center?

I suppose this could actually be subject to my preferences - but it's hard to figure out what my guitar will sound like moving the pickups to and fro by 0.5" before I've routed the hole for it! What I'm looking for is standard placement. I'll deviate later, once I have a basis for comparison.

Thanks again folks!