I am currently working on a Jackson JS30RR Rhoads, and have just finished rewiring it. Now I want to swap all the hardware from chrome to gold. I am curious and cant find anything online though about the sizes of the bridge I should be looking at, ferrule size, or tuner hole size. I am looking at stewmac.com for the bridge and the ferrules. I am not sure about tuners yet, would Grovers fit right in?I do not want to have to do any drilling on this guitar, as the finish is already done, and I was hoping to get the dimensions for the bridge, ferrues, and the tuners so that I can accurately buy parts without having to try over and over again to make them fit. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Hate to bump but I need to know before I order these parts if they will work or not. I mean I can always return them but I really dont want to. So has anyone modded a jackson by changing the hardware? Anything that worked well or didnt? Will replacement fender parts work for ferrules and tuners because they are owned by Fender, or did they keep using whatever size stuff they used before they bought them? If no resoponse I guess Ill just buy the stuff and hope for the best.
The ferrules will be the 5/16th ones I believe, the 3/8th would be for a bass.
Looking at the bridges you linked to I'm pretty certain it's the 1511-G that you want.
The tuners you should be fairly safe with regardless of what you choose as the post sizes are pretty well standardised on most modern guitars. You will have to check the position of the little screw that holds the body of the tuner onto the headstock at the back as the position of that does vary a little, you should be able to pick it just by eyeballing it though.
Hope that helps