After seeing another beautiful 7-string NGD over at SS.org, I'm seriously considering selling every bit of guitar gear I have (save for my AxeFx and Soldano) for a custom spec, hand made guitar from the UK. The guy's name is Dylan, some of you might know him by his luthiery, Daemoness Guitars. The price tag is generally about $3000 CAD, and it would take every bit of my gear liquidation and then some. All I'm trying to think of is, how much might I get for my gear. So this is what I want to liquidate:

2009 Mesa Single Rectifier Solo 50w head, w/ EL-34s. Works perfectly, but I don't really use it since I got the AxeFx. Mint condition. Bought for $950 last year, goes new for $1500 and is relatively hard to find.

2009 ESP LTD MH-1000 NT, in the Desert Sunburst finish. Also in mint condition and is my favourite guitar, Seymour Duncan JB/'59 set with a set-thru construction and 25.5 scale. Looks, sounds and plays beautifully. Paid $500 on sale, discontinued in my finish now. The new models go for $730 in the Canadian stores, and even those are fairly rare.

2009 ESP LTD EC-1000 in the Vintage Black finish. The matte black isn't worn down at all since I don't use it a whole lot, has gold hardware, EMG 81/60 set, and a 24 frets. Top strap button is loose, as are the bridge volume and tone knobs. Easy fixes though. Bought for $850, same price as in the current market. Will sell with LP case.

2009 Agile Septor Elite 727 in the Tribal Purple finish. Seven string guitar, 27" scale and with Seymour Duncan Blackout AHB-1s. Goes new for $800, with another $200 for shipping to Canada. Will sell with locking case.

Ibanez TS-9 OD pedal, mint. Goes for $120 new.
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor, costs $110 new.
Dunlop Crybaby 535Q Wah. Costs $170 in Canada.
SKB PS-8 Powered pedalboards. Costs about $100 new.

That's all of it. So, what do you guys think I could get for my gear? I live in St. Johns, Newfoundland, a 200,000 with not a whole lot of decent gear floating around, so I should be able to get a pretty decent price I think. Just wanting a second opinion, especially on the three guitars and the amp.
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I've been told that typically most gear loses a third or so of its value the second you walk out the door with it. I would say start with what you think is fair for how long you've had it and the use it's gotten but be open to some bartering.

Sorry for not answering your question exactly, I just don't want to take a guess considering the variables.
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The difficult thing is to assess in just what kind of working order your stuff is.

And an occasional gear flush can be a good thing due to your changing living/marital/financial/musical outlook or whatever.

However, why do you feel you need a $3000 guitar when you are pressed enough for cash that you can't amass that amount, and it really isn't that much money, without seeing your gear off?

Look, I like custom builders, too. I am familiar with Daemoness and would probably buy one of their axes if I won the lottery and had all kinds of spare cash to blow on GAS (there is a long line of other guitars I want before a Daemoness). But in your case, couldn't you just buy a used Jackson Rhoads, which is a cool looking and sounding guitar, and have it customized to your heart's content (new pickups, tuners, etc)? I hope your desire for the custom six string has less to do with the paint job than the sound.

Or you could try buying Warmoth bodies and after market parts and assembling your own guitar, if you're handy that way (I'm not, unfortunately).
take the total value and chop it in half. thats what you should expect roughly.

the stuff you listed as "rare" really isn't that rare at all (a quick perusal through edmonton's kijiji turned up 11 single rec's, all under $1000). plus, a "rare" guitar that retailed for less than $1000 isn't rare in the sense that very few examples continue to exist (as is the case with most vintage instruments).

you have a nice gear set, so I suspect you should be able to do just fine. if you need a more accurate valuing, use ebay to determine an average selling value for your gear. don't be dissapointed if its low though, people pay market value as it is today, not what it was when you bought your gear
in the us you could probably get about 900 for the mesa.

probably average 450-500 each on the guitars.

pedals probably 50 bucks each average.

that's in us prices though. maybe more where you are.

man those daemoness guitars are great.
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Don't do it dude, it'd better to save up if that's a feasible option at all as I know for certain at least two of those guitars are really nice and I can assume the agile is the same. You could definitely get rid of the single rec though if you're rocking the axe.
^ I don't have a job currently, but I never stay unemployed for more than a couple months so I'll probably have more cash soon. But all my money is gonna be pretty strained since my parents are getting me to put half of all the money I make put into a fund for school, which is sort of ridiculous because I'll be living with them throughout university and tuition is only about $2500 per year. But what can I do
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If I was getting a six string I'd just get a Carvin or an ESP Horizon and be done with it. Only reason I'm going custom is because it's much harder to find seven string guitars that suit your liking, as there still isn't a huge market for them. I also want to start moving away from intermediate level gear, and really get that guitar. Regardless of whether or not I'll make a living from music, I love to play and I think that having a truly custom made piece of gear would really help my playing and in developing my own sound.
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The stuff you listed as "rare" really isn't that rare at all (a quick perusal through edmonton's kijiji turned up 11 single rec's, all under $1000). plus, a "rare" guitar that retailed for less than $1000 isn't rare in the sense that very few examples continue to exist (as is the case with most vintage instruments).
I didn't mean rare as such, just that they aren't nearly as popular as their other counterparts (the Dual Rec and MH-1000 FR are much more common.)
id say sell the rec, maybe the agile and one LTD, but id say keep all your gear, if you dont use the rec, sell it , easy 900$ or soand use the rest to buy the custom guitar. i personally feel that yu should always have a back up for everything in life, even guitars

but yea, having 2 7s and 2 6s wouldnt be too bad, unless youre really tight on space