So my drummer sold me his entire OCDP kit for $400 and I have four cymbals that I don't need/want so I'm selling them. I have no idea what the market is on cymbals so I need price suggestions. Here's what I've got. They're all Sabian.

B8 Pro 20" Medium Ride
B8 Pro 14" Medium Hi-Hats
B8 16" Medium Crash
B8 14" Thin Crash

This is my first post in the drum forum. Thanks, guys!
Aren't B8s the lowest end model that Sabian makes? I wouldn't think they would fetch much.
Those aren't bad cymbals, they aren't worth a whole lot though... are they in good condition?

I'd say, judging on how much all of those are retailing for atm, $90-100 for the ride, $110-120 for the hats, $50-60 for the 16" crash and $40-ish for the 14" one. It depends on the condition, like I said. If they look all new and shiny and haven't been used too much then retail price minus about $20 is pretty reasonable IMO.

Yeah, you aren't really, though I wouldn't sell them almost at half price personally. You wouldn't be getting much more than that if you decided to up the price slightly.
The thin crash in pretty dirty, but that's it. Everything else is in pretty good shape. Like I said, I got the whole set plus the cymbals and a hi-hat stand for $400. Then I sold my previous set for $300. Ergo if I make a hundred bucks I break even and I am completely okay with that.
Well I had the B8 Pro set before, and just recently got them out of my closet, cleaned and am trying to sell. Not too many buyers. My 16" crash went for $25, and can't sell my ride. Started at $50, brought down to $30 and will probably re-list soon for around $20. Mine are in great shape, rarely used them...got them with my first set, and quickly upgraded cymbals...but they just don't seem like any one wants them