Hi, i was wondering if someone can help me with mixer/powered monitors/recording...

Hi, im gona buy all this stuff so i can play music in my room and enjoy, and also for interface recording. What im getting is a mixer, 2 powered monitors, and a subwoofer(maybe 2?). And for recording i have a Line 6 Pod X3 interface, Pod farm 2 for modeling software, and Cubase 5.

The mixer im getting is a Behringer 1202FX Xenyx Premium 12-Input 2-Bus Mixer. The 2 powered monitors im getting are KRK RP5G2 Rokit G2 5In Powered Studio Monitor. And i need help on getting a subwoofer, i really want that deep bass that i can feel.

Ok, my question is how do i go about setting this all up? It looks confusing, and ive looked up the manual for that mixer and those speakers. I just want to know the best possible way to set it all up for a home studio to listen to music and videos, and recording with my Pod X3 interface. Also i need a recommedation for a subwoofer that is the best quality for around $100-300, maybe even 400 if i REALLY have too. But ive been looking through the internet for a very long time and am extremely confused with this on how to set this up the best way for it to all work properly.

Please someone help me, im not about to give up on this...

And thank you of course