I'm currently working on a video game involving cowboys. I have been scouring the internet for some free wild west style music, and came up with nothing. After this, I thought, "why not just make my own? I'm a good guitar player, I can do it."

This is turning out to not be as easy as I expected. I can't even put a label on the style I am going for. It's not entirely blues, but it's not really country either. I've gotten a lot of my inspiration from the video game Red Dead Redemption. I feel like they really nailed it with the style. The weird thing is, a lot of their ambient music involves just a slow strum of an awesome chord, and that's what I want. What kind of chords would those be? Sometimes it is even just two notes. I don't know. Please, have a nice 1880 musical discussion. Or not.
well look up a bit of ragtime music for the saloon time

and i guess to have it sound cowboyish just keep it simple E F and G and C some
flute maybe playing some major scales and stuf in pentatonic

it kinda what i used to write some of the music in a movie done for school
and it fit well
All I can say is find some cowboy sounding country and analyse the **** out of it!

Also, analyse the soundtracks of spaghetti western films and stuff like that, as well as other cowboy related video games.

I wish I could be of any real help, but...an open C chord always sounds very cowboy!
Think of the music you would be hearing when you see two cowboys staring eachother down as they are about to duel.