why did you take a break in the interlude before the solo?! petrucci keeps playing the whole way through....
i think you mean the low keys.
that's because it require 7 string, and i have an sg.
jeez. you're fast, that's for sure.
But there were a lot of missed notes. During the fast runs, it didn't seem like you were in sync with the track at all.
Also, 0:33 – that bend was pretty flat
it looks like you've got the chops to play this solo (which i can't say often), so its a matter of relearning those fast runs and getting the timing down

And if you're C4Cing, then could you check this out?
thanks dude!
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funny parts is, just about half of the solo is loosely based on the original solo, its just the same starting and ending notes with random structure.
as funny as it sounds the 0:36 part got way cleaner by now(1 day after the shooting) and my extremely rusty strings don't do justice as well(without starting to talk about my gear), so soon ill change strings, redo it an we'll see how far can i go.
btw, guess my guitar experience.
anyone want to cover the whole song as virtual bands?(drums, bass, sync and vocal if possible)(ill provide a better solo and rhythm as well)