Hi guys.

Lately I have been wanting a fuzz to give me a 70's-ish and a Billy Gibbons-ish sound.

I'm thinking about getting the Big Muff Pi w/ tone wicker or the Way Huge Swollen Pickle.

But which is better for the sounds I want, or is there a better fuzz out there in same price range?
I'm not sure how well it'll give you the exact tone you want, but my brother has a Retroman Lola which is just... wow.

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I'd look into Devi Ever pedals. Some of them are extreme but she really is the queen of fuzz IMO

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I really don't like any of Devi's stuff.
I think it's all pretty meh.

I'm probably one of the biggest Devi Ever fans on this whole site, but am not entirely confident that one of her pedals would be the way to go for a Billy Gibbons sound.

That said, a Torn's Peaker or a Year of the Rat might do the trick.


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I have a big muff pi and it is great for 70s sound
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Quote by ragingben
I'd look into Devi Ever pedals. Some of them are extreme but she really is the queen of fuzz IMO

I'm big fan of Devis pedal and have talked to her on many occassions but i wouldn't recommend her pedals for this tone.
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If you can't find a legitimate Tone Bender, you could always look at copies or fuzzes based on it. A good example being the Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper.
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Funk Monk: That's exactly what I wanted, thanks!
But none of the stores in Europe has it in stock, so I guess I'll be waiting awhile.

Thanks for the replies to all
As a general idea, you can also form your thoughts in terms of what the characteristic electronic components are inside the device.

There is a big difference in the sound of silicon transistors compared to germanium transistors. The silicon ones have a much stiffer/harsher sound.
I know in his current rig he is using a tonebender mkii and a fulltone ultimate octave. for a tonebender, look at the mjm britbender or a earthquaker devices tone reaper.
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