Let me know if anybody digs the style or has any advise on the mix. The jackson RR3 has stock pickups. Anybody think some 81/85s or blackouts would be a world of difference?

hope you like it! i'm gonna go check out what else is on this site

Pretty good song, though maybe a bit cut and paste metalcory if you get what i mean haha. The mix sounds kind of flat though. I feel like the drums are a bit too quiet, and the tone is kind of shrill. That may be due to the pickups in the RR slightly. Comes with a JB in the bridge and a jazz neck, right? Not bad pups by any means, but the JB is very bright and has shrill highs. I think you just may have to eq slightly differently and that will solve your tone problem. As for any other mix advice, I'll leave that to someone else because I am by no means an expert on production or mixing. haha.

Check out my song if you get a chance!
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I'll re-mix it for free. PM me.
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I'll re-mix it for free. PM me.

I tried to pm you not sure if it went through