So I'm thinking of doing something a little different. I want to install 2 TV Jones pickups in a project guitar and I love having a master tone knob on my guitars, but am also becoming quite a fan of the Gretsch Tone Switch, so I was thinking to get the best of both worlds and installing both, and using a simple toggle switch to alternate between which one is in use. I've mashed together some of the TV Jones wiring diagrams with a SPDT toggle switch in there. Poor quality I know. Good ol' MS Paint

Firstly would this wiring work? Does everything look correctly wired up and would a SPDT do the job of alternating between the two tone circuits, or would I need a DPDT?

Secondly, would the tone switch behave the way it would in a regular Gretsch setting, seeing as it is placed after the volume pot, or would this make no difference.

I appreciate any input!
Gretsch Tone Switch and Knob.jpg