Hey guys, just looking for any impressions on this guitar...obviously it is a beauty but an opportunity arose for me to buy one around $1900 and I have been looking for the right acoustic guitar for ages. I don't know what these go for in the used market but that's a pretty solid price right? Especially since brand new they go for like close to $3000?

Anyway I am going to GC later today to try that exact model and similar ones before I play my seller's guitar. Obviously I know that only I can know...but does that seem like a pretty solid price?

My other question...I'm in a band and we play a lot, perform a lot, etc. and my biggest worry about having such a nice piece of equipment is the 'use' that it will get over time. Don't get me wrong I own a Les Paul that has gotten plenty of use through the years at our rock shows and I love it the same and I think it even adds more character. But there is something different about an acoustic, you know? Anyway...do I need to worry about the fact that this thing is not ALWAYS going to be just sitting in it's case next to a humidifier in my basement. I want to play it at shows, play it around, and while I will do my best to make sure it is not just sitting around in our van or something...there probably will be times when it is laying around in its case. Is it ****ed up that I am saying/thinking things like this?

Basically I am super close to pulling the trigger on this amazing guitar but the only thing that is holding me back is the thought that I might over-use it or mess it up...but surely a guitar of this quality has amazing construction right?

Thank you!
the level of care you'll need to take when it comes to an acoustic guitar and humidity depends on the usual humidity where you live. if it's often pretty dry, your guitar could crack. if it's fairly humid, the guitar won't sound as good, and if it's very humid, issues like braces detaching could happen due to wood swelling.

as far as amazing construction, electric guitars can take a lot more whacks than acoustics, and the strongest acoustic guitars are not the best sounding ones because generally lighter construction equals better tone. leave it in a hot van and the glue will soften, and parts can creep or joints can loosen. knock it over and it may well break. on the other hand, you can play a well humidified guitar for a couple hours in unfavorable conditions without any major effects. by the way, moving a cold guitar to a warm room or vice versa without giving the guitar time to acclimatize can cause what's called finish checking - small cracks running through the finish.
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You sound like any person who pulls the trigger on expensive gear. It's natural to feel a bit concerned about 'messing it up'.

You seem sensible enough not to do something stupid to your guitar so you should be fine. Buy, enjoy, play to your heart's content and just take care of the thing. Or just buy a beater as well.