This didn't start off as post-rock, it was gonna be a kinda laid back acoustic thing but i decided to try and mould it into a post-rock track. Anyway it's my first ever attempt at a genre like this and i'm quite pleased with how it turned out.


ANY feedback is greatly appreciated, regarding the mix/production, composition, ANYTHING. And of course, C4C on any genre just leave a link

- Jim
Cool piece man, especially liked the intro, and could even imagine it being used as a soundtrack for some kind of film. I love the overlaying guitar parts too, I might use this idea later on for a few things I'm doing.

If I could suggest anything it would be to add some kind of middle eight that strays away from the main chord structure, that would be nice to hear in my opinion.

But no kidding, I really liked it.

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Hey Jim,

I really liked this track, reminded me a ton of explosions in the sky, especially the harmonized tremelo picking section, I also the thought the drums were pretty killer thoroughout, solid build up and transitions as well. My only criticism is in the intro, I thought that some of the notes seemed just a tiny bit off timing wise. Other than that good work and great production (on this and as well as your other tracks).

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Hey Jim! I'm here returning the favor! Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Brendan and I have both been pretty busy, but back to the critique. Honestly, there's nothing that really jumps out to my ears as something that you should change.

The drumming was very Weezer-esque and for your first attempt at this kind of music, I thought it was solid. Obviously it would be better with vocals. I can imagine some epic vocal melodies around the 3:15 mark

I liked the kinda dirty tone of the electric guitar. I wasn't too fond of the sound of the snare, but it's the kind of sound you want for this kind of music.

But like I said, nothing that really stands out to me in terms any fixes. Adding vocals would be nice. Guitar solo would be cool (they always make songs better )

Thanks again for the critique! Feel free to send me a message or post on my profile if you want me to check out any more of your music!

-Brendan & Jimmy
Nice track man, very relaxing but i wouldn't really call it post rock, it's too up beat and straight to the point, but that's not important, you've done a really good job on this track. If you wanted to make it fit in more with the post rock genre, a lot of it has to do with the drums, make it more roomy sounding and a more relaxed beat, don't always keep a solid straight up beat, especially in the intro, it needs to build up more to have stronger drums. Same principles could be applied to the guitars to, draw it out longer between sections. As far as mixing goes, sounds to me like you've done a good job, nothing that sticks out as bad.
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Nice track, loved it for being a nice backing track. Doesn't seem complete without a more melodious solo or voice. However; you did a fantastic voice of melding it all together.

Also liked the use of the rhythm guitar and its complementing of the semi-lead guitar that picked the really high notes, not sure if they were triplets or 8ths, either way was solid!

Mind me asking what was the chord progression you used? It sound really cool, would love to make use of it

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