Right ok I'm gonna get a new amp at some point as i have £500 at the moment so what amp should i get.

Oh i mostly play stuff like linkin park, muse, paramore, foo fighters, bullet for my valentine, avenged sevenfold, so it would have to have a good distortion.
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the 6505+112 combo would probably work but there may be better options on your side of the pond. i don't know if a used engl is in that range, others may know.

do you gig? or just play at home without a drummer ever?
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the 6505+112 combo would probably work but there may be better options on your side of the pond. i don't know if a used engl is in that range, others may know.

new engl's don't come around the UK very often, let alone used ones =/

i'd say have a play about with the 6506 or 5105 if you can do.
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seeing as you currently have a Marshall MG, you should really upgrade to a tube amp they are just overall better for everything. Peavey is a great choice, the 6505+ 112, but also look into Bugera they are pretty cheap but I heard they aren't as reliable as Peavey, your best bet is to try them all out at GC or something, don't take anyone's word for it.
I'm thinking new:
Orange Thunder 30 (Nice medium-gain rock tones, but not terribly versatile)
Hughes & Kettner Statesman (Dual EL84 or Quad EL84 version) (they'll be discontinued soon and left over models are being sold at significantly less than they used to)
Traynor YCV50 (Like the Statesman this is excellent value)
Bugera V22 or V55 (relatively cheap, but they sound nice)
Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube (Rather agressive tone - not for everyone, but at it's price, it's hard to beat).

The Orange, Bugeras and Statesman are the more vintage-y, mellow offerings here, with the Edition Tube being the most modern and aggressive. The Traynor sits somewhere inbetween and I'd personally take it or the Statesman.

Laney GH50L + cab (I got a GH and a nice cab for 600€, which is around 500 quid, so you can afford one too - it sounds great and covers your range of music well, but it's a single channel amp and the volume is hard to control).
Laney VC50/VC100 (Kinda like the GH, but with two channels and in combo form. These can be found for ridiculously low prices (under 300 quid) in the UK. The speakers are so-so, but you'd have enough cash left get whatever speakers you wanted.)
Orange Rocker 30 (dark, aggressive distortion tones, somewhat uninteresting cleans)
Engl Thunder or Screamer (Thunder: great cleans and modern rock distortion. Screamer: Everything the Thunder does, but more gain for metal and also very nice low-gain tones)
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i'd agree with quail (for the ones i've tried, anyway- traynor (tried the 40 and 20, not the 50, but they were very nice), laney, orange rocker, engl, h&k edition tube etc.).

traynor would probably be my pick, that's a very good deal.
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For the price and what you're playing, the peavey 6505+112 would be great for you.
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