A friend of mine has an Ibanez RG 321. I know it's a lower end Ibby but I love the look and the feel and the fact it's got a fixed bridge.

Is it worth it to get this and upgrade the pickups to Dimarzios?

Here's a link to the guitar:

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I'd say that if you like the guitar and how it feels and just want to change the sound go for it. I think its better to just switch out a set of pups for ones you like and get the guitar with everything else you want.
Worth it, if you bought a more expensive guitar in the future, the dimarzios could go into that and you could put the stock pups back into the RG
yes it is worth it, i changed the pickups in my RG370DX and it was well worth it, it sounds like a whole new axe
My friend has one of these. She loves it and when I played it, I loved the finish and the feel. Go for it dude! Better to switch out the pups and get the guitar you love than buy something more expensive to get the same thing. Plus, like others said, you can just pop out the DiMarzio's and throw them in the next guitar you get if and when you do.
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