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- Bag'ed -
Real Name:
Sam Morrison


Manchester, England.

Favourite Artists:
Magazine (If you haven't listened to them, go and listen to Motorcade NOW!), Joy Division, Radiohead, Prince, The Beatles, Muse, Bill Hicks!

Most Inspirational Writer:
Howard Devoto and Ian Curtis. Devoto brought existentialism to post-punk like no one else did and Ian Curtis... Well, he used the word "conquistador" in a song. Its the old fanboy cliche but he really was a genius.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer):
Lady Lazarus - Sylvia Plath

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be:
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, without a doubt. There should be a biopic about his life. But only in Russian, with English subs. We can't be doing with a sort of Valkyrie film again, if anyone bothered to watch that abomination.

If you could be any flavour, which would you be:

Why Do You Write:
Thats a strange one... I never made the conscious decision to sit down and write. I just started writing songs when I was 15, and it just progressed. I suppose I write because I feel like the things that I feel, and what a lot of my friends feel, aren't being represented or even voiced today. So I'm trying it myself. I am armed with Hicksian philosophies in the search for my generations zeitgeist! Not to sound pretentious, ha..

Favourite word(s):
Man, phantasmagoria, disquiet, c*nt, waste, growth, proletarian and in tribute to Mr. Lennon, love.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG:
UncleRemus, JustRooster and Winter Sky has put some good stuff out there too.

Most Helpful Critic:
OctopusBricks, whenever he's online. He's been quiet of late though, which is a shame because he is very thorough and comprehensive in his crits, but also outlines the issues or strong parts of your piece with sensibility and clarity.

What Do You Do Especially, to Find Inspiration:
Usually, a line will just come to me and then I latch onto it and build upon it. Once I've got this line, I'll go into my backgarden and smoke, endlessly pacing the outdoor table until I've got a focus of how I want it to sound. Then I'll start talking it outloud, finding the best rhymes and the best lines (...), until I'm happy with what I've got. Thne I go inside, write it down and the next day come into work and post it on UG!

Your Most Recent Work and the Reason Behind It:
Day to Day, but its not very good. Rushmores comment summed it up perfectly. I wrote it because for the past few months I've convinced myself I'm dying 3 or 4 times for various cancers or the like. I'm always at the doctors having tests but they can't find a thing wrong. Its just anxiety they reckon. Anyway, don't read Day to Day, read Ceres instead! Its better, and its about enjoying the last day on earth. Would you prefer to live a humble life, achieving nothing and dying old or would you like for the world to end and know you're experiencing an event that no one else past or future will experience and have a day of how human life should be! Where everything materialistic we've created for ourselves ceases to exist. Perfect anarchy.! I definitely would choose the latter.

Tips for Newer Writers:
Don't stop writing, even if you suck. You will get better. Listen to bands with awful lyrics like the Wombats and ask yourself WHY they're bad, and then avoid doing what they did. Look at some of the writers on UG as well, and the techniques they use and the effect they were going for. Oh and remember, most waste comes from below the waist! I don't want to hear about you taking a sh*t in your song, or how many times your girlfriend came after you f*cked her super-hard because you're a bad man. Write about something worthwhile.

What’s your goal in writing:
Ahh, I said before. Find some kind of zeitgeist!

Final Comments or Thoughts:
Put no man on a pedestal.
Try and be as nomadic as possible!
Listen to Magazine!!
Thanks for writing (those that do)
Thanks for reading, (those that are)
Thanks for voting,(those that did).

*to be edited in soon*

- vintage x metal -


Favourite Artists:
rhcp, fleet foxes, sublime, pink floyd, neutral milk hotel, third eye blind, queens of the stone age, jimi hendrix, alice in chains, led zeppelin, sigur ros, jane's addiction, modest mouse, justin timberlake, girl talk, brian jonestown massacre, tyler the creator and the entire odd future wolf gang kill them all company, bon iver, animal collective, outkast, ratatat, elvis perkins in dearland, boyz noize, george clinton, pixies, prince, yeasayer, menomena, passion pit, elton john, gogol bordello, lupe fiasco, digable planets, star****er, the beatles, fake blood, butthole surfers, dr dre, biggie smalls, radiohead, funkadelic, daft punk, pretty lights, janelle monae, moby, beck, traffic... i've been in love with each for some time at least

Most Inspirational Writer:
vonnegut, he's funny and biting and kind and daunting all at once

Favourite poet/poem (published writer):
ego trippin' by nikki giovanni

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be:
I wouldn't be a writer. I hate being in my head so much that I have to blabber when no one's around. if I had to pick I'd like to be stephen hawking because he can translate very complex, unintuitive ideas in such a pleasant and rational way, a beautiful way.

If you could be any flavour, which would you be:
mint, clove, maybe jasmine

Why Do You Write:
honestly I'm a very forgetful person and it's nice to remember that I was alive at a past time. I like the way words look and sound together, I like screaming without having to scream, I just like thoughts. it's become increasingly hard to connect to my emotions and silent rather than verbal words seem to act as a better vector to the catatonic. I'm so very afraid of hurting people and it's better to get myself out on screen than on others - I'm so very afraid of loving and being loved so it's easier to feign it in collected moments.

Favourite word(s):
oh gosh, anything that sounds good off the tongue. ephemeral, disenchanted, maybe airy sounds and ssss sounds. I like when people mmm and aaaah when they speak.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG:
rushmore, ottoavist, subwaytovenus, ngd1313, cubs, funkaspunk, ganoosh, there are plenty others, hopefully they know who they are

Most Helpful Critic:
I'm not really sure, everyone is helpful in their own way

What Do You Do Especially, to Find Inspiration:
smoke a cig at sunrise and watch the birds, have a cup of tea, listen to good music, stumble upon old pictures, sit in silence, watch animals and plants

Your Most Recent Work and the Reason Behind It:
'mmmm', there is no reason, there are only racing thoughts and trying to portray them in a way that someone somewhere maybe can relate as they sit around in their pajamas. idk. I don't really like writing very much anymore so if there is any inkling of motivation I do what I can, grasp on to what is left, I want so desperately to remember

Tips for Newer Writers:
read read read read read read read. remember to kick back and have fun sometimes too. the mind is a beautiful thing but is a terrible, terrible place to be trapped. also don't be discouraged by people bashing you - take whatever constructive criticism you can graciously, but a lot of times people just have bad days and you may be the easiest outlet. everyone is human, everyone.

What’s your goal in writing:
maybe I just want to appreciate myself. I don't have much of a goal in anything anymore, maybe you can help me.

Final Comments or Thoughts:
I hope you all can find someone on this site, just one person at least, who really enjoys your writing - and by god I hope you like them.

Yay for the new couple!
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congrats to you both

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vintage x metal, I didn't realise how deep your final comment was until I thought about it.
I'd never thought about it in that way before.

Its a weird, scary thought.
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Congratulations! You both have very great taste in authors. And music. Glad to see some OFWGKTA. Saadia, just,

Oh, and please please please find a goal(s). It makes everything and anything worth it.
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congrats guys! gotta read the questionaires when i get a sec. and some of your recent stuffs for that matter.
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congratulations the both of you! well deserved
here, My Dear, here it is
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thanks a bunch guys. much love to all of you.
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Interesting interviews, well done peeps, I may even get around to reading your month's pieces.