So i'm making a frankenstrat and all i need to do now is paint it and put it together.
I don't know which type of paint to buy.
And with school being finished i though i'd do this in the first couple of weeks.

Since this is a cheap project and i'm saving up for expensive new gear, i'm looking at less than £10 a can, obviously i need red, white and black. I don't want to clear coat it as I want it to relic itself.

I'm not sure what kind to get, i'd prefer to get it from a near store im in newcastle uk
Would halfords do something suitable and how much ml per can would i need for a few coats of the guitar?
Sorry i'm new to refinishing

if youre relic-ing it, it probably doesnt matter much. but acrylic lacquer is what im using. its about 6 bucks a can on this side of the pond, dont know how easy it is to find there. youd find it at auto stores