Hey guys I posted in here around December with a youtube channel I had made, and the recordings/videos were prety low quality. Now thats its summer and I have (a very little bit) more time on my hands I'm doing some more legit recording!

This is a audio only recording of the Brand New song "Sowing Season" acoustically covered. Lemme know what you think, and I will surely comment on yours as well.

Thanks in advance!

I would have preferred the song to progress quicker, but I liked it a lot.

Your acoustic playing is sharp and to the point, great work (I presume that's you) but I felt like the "yeah"s could do with being tracked with some backing vocals.

That would have sounded nice to me.

Did you write this? Very well done if you did, I enjoyed listening to it.
The brand new cover's pretty good man, I would've loved to hear a few harmonies or a second guitar! but that's a great start, you should try building onto it. I think you added a few towards the end, maybe a bit more throughout, a bit of slow high notes being picked would've been lovely.

How'd you get the quality to be so crisp btw?

I'd love to get your opinion on my covers : youtube channel

p.s. you should throw the brand new cover onto your youtube channel!