I have a Blackstar HT-1R and a spider iv 15 (i know) and just got myself a Boss ME-25.
I have to admit i don't know what i'm doing really.

Everything i have tried with the ME-25 set up wise so far sounds pretty shit.

I have tried it through the Blackstar between the guitar and the amp with a clean setting on the amp, sounds pretty shite on what is a decent little amp.

I have tried it through the spider with all the spiders the effects all disabled and also through the clean channel, unsurpisingly this also sounds shite.

Have i got any hope of a decent sound with any of my gear or do i need a small cab or something to run the effects box through? I want lots of different sounds to experiment with as i'm just finding my feet as a guitarist really.

Any help appreciated, ta.

the blackstar doesn't really like pedals.

have you read the instructions on the boss? there are lots of different options you can set for the output level and all that stuff.
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I wouldn't suggest running a modelling pedal through a modelling amp anyhow.

But it shouldn't sound THAT terrible through the Blackstar. Admittedly I've never used a multi-fx unit through it but my shitty little Arion delay sounds fine when thrown in the loop.
Your choice is a 1 watt combo and a modeling amp. Neither would I expect to sound great with a multifx. You need enough clean headroom to allow the multifx to come through unmolested by the amp's distortion. I would recommend at least a 5 watt tube amp.

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No I disagree. I have a BS 1W combo as my practice amp and I use my Pod X3 for all the gubbins. Sounds great and godly.

Disagree the BS doesn't take pedals well, as I have used a Dano fish n Chips, Boss Delay, etc through it and sounds great.

Definitely no probs

Try the emulated or chuck everything on clean.
Just plug headphones direct into the me-25. It will probably sound good then, but you probably want it plugged into a speaker, because headphones won't get very loud.
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The Me-25 does sound great through headphones, i'll try and fiddle with the settings a bit more.

Thanks for all the input.
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Does the HT1 have an effects loop? If it doesnt, the ME will sound shite no matter what you do. MFX pedals NEVER sound good unless played direct into a poweramp.

No effects loop on the Blackstar so that maybe it.