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Hey everyone, there's a similar thread to this one in the pit, but it also belongs here for band promotion, so. . .. .there is apparently going to be a festival/concert in Columbus Ohio called Slutfest. My band was put on a poll of local acts to determine who will be on the bill and we're currently sitting in the top ten, but we need MOAR votes. If you've read the other thread and have already voted, thanks a bunch! But if you haven't, simply follow this link:


And vote for Black Bourbon Devils. Easy, right? Thanks in advance!
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Quote by Dio10101
you gave us a link to home on facebook.

This has all been a clever ploy to get more people to create accounts on Facebook. Justin Timberlake and that curly-headed kid from Zombieland put me up to it.

In all seriousness, I'm retarded and I put up the wrong link. Works now though.