Hey Guys, Check out 'You Are a Part' the first song on my band Turbodank's demo, and let us know what you think. We are on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and youtube and are always looking to network with other's of the musical aversion. As always we'll hit you back if you leave us a link. Thanks!


Sounded pretty good. I'm not sure the mix of the electronic drums and synth mixed with the orchestral strings worked... I mean it doesn't sound bad by any means, i'm just not sure it works. Although listening further in, i think it's supposed to have a kind of f-d up feel to it so maybe it was intentional. Anyway great production too, and it was interesting to listen to and it's definately different. Overall i'd say a good job, nice one

- Jim
Bass sounded kind of out of place, gets a bit chaotic toward the middle. Otherwise pretty groovy, I like it.
I really liked the strings section at the beginning, it really leads into where the song goes later and really keeps you interested. As for the bass sounding "out of place" I'd have to disagree, it may sound a bit chaotic as a whole towards the middle, but it sounds great and I think that is what was meant to be done. Good song man. Thanks for the crit!
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