So my dad bought this for me for my 21 birthday, which isn't for another few months, for 300 smackaroos. I've very pleased with it, if it doesn't cause my Valveking to explode first, which I have a very strong feeling my amp is about to take a rather large dump on me.

I give you, my current set up!!

Do you see it??!?! It's not that hard to see, it's that black thing.

Looks kinda like this

And this

It's a 150 watt attenuator guys, come on.

This thing is really cool, I think the neatest two features is the line out feature, and the fact that using this thing you can mix and match different ohm heads with different ohm cabs. So you can use a 16 ohm cab with a 8 ohm amp, or 4 ohm, or whatever you can think of.

If I had a better amp to test this thing on, it prolly would shine better, but I think my Valveking can't take the pressure I put on it to get that power tube saturation, cause when I push the cleans, it sounds like a popping and ripping sound, idk, ya'll can just listen to it.

Ignore the buzz, that's the crappy Mic preamp, it's got issues as well....I have ghetto gear.

Cleans pushed to about 11 oclock on the volume.

Cleans pushed really friken hard about 2 oclock on the volume.

Low gain, pushed about 2 oclock on the volume.

Medium gain, pushed about 12 oclock on the volume with boost.
Cool, I had one of these for a while, fancy little device
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I've always wanted to try out an attenuator. Pictures are shit but HNAD none the less!
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