Hey guys, quick question to those with a 5 or six sting bass, what's it like changing from playing a six string for example then jumping onto a 4 string. Is it hard to adjust when going back and forth?
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Nope. I even go from 6 35" to 4 34". You get used to it.
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I jump between a 35" 4er to 34"/35" 5ers all the time and I've never had any problems adjusting to between them.
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sometimes going form a 6 to a 5 gets in my head a bit if im tapping. (forget which string Im missing) other than that no problems.

but I play electric and acoustic guitar, 4 string bass, 6 string bass and ukulele, so i've gotten very very used to switching between necks.
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At first, the extra string was a bit confusing at times. I play with my fingers and have a very busy style. I'm all over the neck. I often play with my eyes closed. Sometimes I would find my left hand on the A, while my right hand was on the E. I ended up having to play some more simple songs and kept my eyes on my right hand. It was the only bass I played around the house. At night, I keep a bass next to me and play everything I hear. Eventually, I learned how it felt to my right hand, and now I'm set. I have 0 issues jumping between basses. All of my basses are different and play differently from one another.
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