So i got bored earlier, and just started strumming some barre chords. Put them down in to guitar pro, then thought i'd do a little solo/ riff in there. Take a listen, see what ya think c&c most appreciated, if ya want me to listen to yours just say and I will

I'm also not sure what key its in. Its in an A key, but don't know what one... So if someone could inform me on that I'd be grateful
12 Bar.gp5
A minor, D major, E Major, B Minor, and D minor. Those are your chords till the repeat, and after you have A Minor, G Major, B major, and D major.

So the key of A minor (Or C major) would be A Minor, B Diminished, C Major, D Minor, E Minor, F Minor, and G Minor. Seeing as your chords don't correspond to A Minor, its not in A Minor. :p

Also, you have Majors and minors of the same chord (B), which means there is a possible key change. I would also fix the solo in bar 9, as it really clashes with the chord choice there.