Trying to be brief:
I own a JC 120 for its clean sound. (had it forever).
About 5 years ago I went mesa-boogie f-50 (tube), and I love it for hard rock, blues etc. and I intend to keep it.

But at this time, given my steady / busy gig (reggae, ska, latin, soca) - the advantages of that boogie sound are pretty much wasted - while the drawbacks of heavy tube amps are more hassle than anything else in this case.

So I wish to go back to solid state at this point, and rely on floor pedals for my limited needs of overdrive/gain. Straight in... no FX loop necessary.
(I have thought this through)

OK if you're still with me... I cannot just use the 120 because it's too big for this size band. Stage space is nomally tight.

I have looked into Roland cubes. The price points along with all the built-in modeling crap reminds me of Line 6, which I truly despise. But in fairness, I have not had a chance to test a cube first-hand.

All I want is a simple light weight amp (1x12 or 1x10 combo) with great clean, JC-120 type of sound. That's it.
Absolute max cost is ~ $750 US - but naturally cheaper price is better. Used is OK.
(I play various guitars, mex-strat and several Carvins)

All suggestions welcome - including your opinion of the Roland cube cleans if you have that experience.

Thank you kindly in advance.
ZT Club. Same amp as the ZT Lunchbox but in a 1x12 package.
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thank you both. The ZT Club looks really promising. (and apparently very loud)

There is one other thing I should have mentioned. Regardless of venue size, we always run everything to a mixing board and out to a professional stage monitor and front of house system. Therefore, we keep on-stage volume relatively low.

A very loud amp would be fine, as long as it still sounds good at lower volume.
If I need to really crank it to bring out it's good sound, that's a bit of a problem.

I'll have to research on that one. Thanks again.

Any other suggestions welcome.
Ibanez Wholetone looks promising,
a ZT Lunchbox into a 12" Tonkerlite can sound nice.
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JC-55? same amp i think but smaller..

yep, roland made smaller versions of the jazz chorus.

i think the smallest was the JC-20... but i can't really remember all the numbers/wattages of an amp model i haven't really paid enough attention to.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

...A little too proud, to be honest.
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yep, roland made smaller versions of the jazz chorus.

Yeah I remember. Far as I know the smaller versions are no more... but I can check the used market easily enough.

All the other ideas helpful as well in my quest.
It's probably obvious that I haven't shopped an SS amp in a very long time
If you're looking for portability, have you considered getting something like the POD HD500 and going directly into the PA? It would probably sound better overall rather than running FX into a modeling amp. It would also be much more flexible, and let you customize your sound more.
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