I have an 08' American Standard Strat that I am pretty pleased with, but for a while now I have been thinking that I might want something with a faster neck (flatter radius, stainless frets, etc.). I like the sounds that I get from my strat, but it seems a lot of the music a want to play would be easier with a fast neck. Would it be smarter to sell the strat and find another guitar altogether, or simply sell my neck and replace it with a custom one from Warmoth? My budget would be whatever money I get from selling the guitar/neck.
New guitar, get an ibanez, charvel or Jackson. All do superstrats so you'd feel comfortable playing them
Warmoth is both the cheapest option and the best quality. If you want steel frets then they're pretty much your only reasonable option, outside of getting a Custom Shop build that will cost you many thousands or a Carvin that will cost substantially more than a Warmoth neck.

Buy a Warmoth neck, get the steel frets and the flat radius. The Warmoth neck is very slightly flatter than the normal Fender neck but if you want a real thin neck they can make you a neck with a Wizard profile too. If you want the best playability get the neck made of an exotic wood that can be played without a finish. If you use the trem a lot then order a neck with an LSR roller nut.
gman: What's your thinking behind that? Are there specific cons to replacing the neck that you were thinking of or is it something else?

Grohl: Well You can specify neck shape and fretboard radius, so it could be wizard shaped and as flat as 16" I think. That was pretty much my thinking in considering Warmoth though, in that it would be cheaper and still good quality. What's the benefit of unfinished wood though? Also would it have to be oiled or can it just be raw?
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