The reason people label those "punk rawk" bands on MTV as posers, is because those bands = posers.
Punk died in the 1980s. I wish they'd stop trying to resurrect it. I've debated this over and over. Punk is dead, kids. Get over it.
Now, I bet some of you will ask, "Zack, why does this matter?". I'll tell you why this matters. It matters because the genre is dead, and now the bands who claim they are punk are NOT a part of this genre, they are a sub-genre of pop, which is why it's called "POP-Punk". It's popular to like this new "punk rawk", and quite frankly, the record execs are only making money off this new "genre" they've created.

"But these bands are REAL punks! LOLOMG!"
Sorry, kid. No, they aren't. Punk died before you were born, I'm sure.

I'm not saying that anyone shouldn't listen to this new, pro-found genre of "music", that's up to them.
I'm just saying that punk rock is dead, because it is.

Bands of this new "genre" do nothing but whine their damn heads off. This new "genre" is basically a sped up version of emo music. Oh man, do I HATE emo music. It's not for me. I don't like listening to guys who sound like they got sacked in the nutsack by a football player whining about how their girlfriends left them for the guy who works in the donut shop.
Thanks, but no thanks.

I don't mean to sound rude, but i'm tired of listening to these MTV-watching 12 year olds who think Simple Plan and Good Charlotte are the best PUNK bands ever.

These kids don't...
Punk is more than a genre, it's a mindset about music, and life. Maybe the genre has been driven back underground (Reallllllly underground) but it's not dead. For it to be dead people would have to stop liking and emulating and thinking like the people of the original punk scene. Doesn't matter though, because real punk rockers would want it this way.
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