hey there everyone,

i own a !966 Epiphone Sg, iv been playing though a Vox VT15 amp. its ok. i cant say i dont like, im just looking to step up to another step. im looking to spend about 300 dollars, i play mostly ACDc and other classic rock. im looking for something not to big for an apartment but sounds real good. any ideas, cant wait to hear the feedback

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Take a look at the Jet City JCA20C. It's a 20 watt all-tube combo that you can get for between $250-$300 depending on where you look. Great tones out of it, and the volume most likely won't get you evicted. Not to mention you Can get higher volumes if you need to. Designed by the great Mike Soldano of Soldano Custom Amplification.
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$300 is kind of hard to work with, if you're looking for an actual upgrade from your amp. Try looking into a used Bugera V22 though.
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if youre a techie type you could just get the free VST's that are out there and that would be an improvement.

What dollars? Singapore? US? Australia? New Taiwan?
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