Need opinion on which Ibanez to get, I play hard rock/blues rock/heavy metal/progressive music. I am not a fan of locking trem but I am more worried about resistance/durability and specially sound quality, I'd like something versatile too... So which of these two you think I should get?
RGA will have a warmer tone with the mahogany body and the carved top is nice because you can relax your hand more without your fingers being on the body. I think I woul dget the RGA over the RG just for the body, eveyrhting else is basically the same on both guitars.
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Now, as much as I like normal RGs, I personally think the RGA is the better of the two.
The body material is mahogany as opposed to basswood, which gives it a warmer, thicker sound. I like warmer and thicker.

Other than body wood though, they're essentially the same guitar.
They both have Ibanez Vintage-style pickups, the exact same selection switch options, a Wizard Prestige neck and a fixed bridge (although I think the bridge on the RG1421 is a newer model, but as far as I can work out it has no advantages to the RGA121's bridge.)

In other words, it's all down to personal preference. As is nearly always the case.
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i'd prefer the rga (i say that having only tried the rga ). I think i read somewhere that the rg1451 might have cheaper hardware and it doesn't have a hard case, which might possibly add some credence to that possibly apocryphal story (as all the other prestiges have hard cases, they might be differentiating the lineup a little).

FWIW the rga i tried was bright as all get out. Yeah, it's mahogany, but it has a thick as **** hard maple top, and it has a bolt-on 25.5" scale maple neck.

Jeez. All these generalisations get tiresome. Mahogany doesn't automatically mean "warm/dark LULZ". It depends on a lot of other factors too.
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